About us

Perun Technologies was established in 2007 by a group of senior IT professionals, with a mission to provide pioneering solutions at market leading cost/performance ratio.

Until today we modernized and automated more than hundred private enterprises and public administrations. We are proud of our 15+ team members who have prominent and industry recognized skills in the area of Java Software Development, Databases, Project Management, GIS, Automation and Quality Assurance.  Our Team includes senior developers with over 10 years’ experience in their individual specialties. 

Perun Technologies has a long list of various projects in the past 10 years implemented across Europe. We have a long-time collaboration with the Macedonian Ministries of Economy, Agriculture and the Agency for Financial Support of Agriculture and Rural Development. What we do best is ICT for Agriculture and Public Administrations.

Our services include:

  • Design and Implementation of Integrated Administration and Control Systems for the Common Agricultural Policy of EU
  • Design and Implementation services of administrative workflows and automation based on our in-house developed Svarog Business Platform, encapsulating our experience and knowledge into a pre-packaged product.
  • Implementation of GIS systems and GIS data automation
  • Consulting for implementing ICT in Agriculture, GIS, BigData, Enterprise Systems performance tuning.


Our mission is to provide our customers with best performance and flexibility while being cost-effective. Our work is characterized with consistency, quality and reliability. We strive to constantly develop, achieve our goals and motivate our team by investing in their knowledge.