What We Do

We provide high quality Agriculture Software Solutions

Perun Technologies

has a long list of various projects in the past 10 years, which have been conducted partially in Macedonia, and partially abroad. Regarding the local projects, we have a long-time collaboration with the Macedonian Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, and with the Agency for Financial Support of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Our projects include:

  • Implementation of GIS (Geological Information System) Infrastructure and GIS Services
  • Upgrade and Development of GIS/GIS Software Packages
  • Development of GIS based controls and integration with alphanumerical Case Management System
  • Supply and Installation of Integrated Administration and Controls System (IACS)
  • Preventive Maintenance of IACS
  • Preventive Maintenance of Farm Registry and LPIS (Land Parcel Identification System)
  • Our Tools of Choice

    For our projects, we use our custom developed DAL (Data Access Layer) – Svarog, which offers the following functionalities: integrated SSO, caching, complete JSON serialization and deserialization, plug -in based modularity and flexibility. On top of Svarog, other modules are:

    • Module Triglav – plug - in based web service infrastructure.
    • Module Stribog – batch execution service, based on Java executor service.
    • Module Perun – GUI module based on React, using web services and using bootstrap.
    • Module Veles – print and BI module.
    • Module Alef – controls module, enables controlling of any kind of Svarog object, according to configuration.